9 Month Old Baby Photography

9 Month Old Baby Photography Session

This lovely little lady did so well at her 9 month old baby photography session with us.  She was great, a little bit shy at first but then settled in quickly and we captured lovely little toothy smiles and also more serene thoughtful images which are great for showing of her beautiful big blue eyes…Enjoy the photos!

9 month old black & white baby girl photo


baby girl 9 month stage photo session lying on tummy

cute bow in hair 9 month old baby close up photo


smiles and giggles

Smiles and giggles at her 9 month old photography session, pink tutu’s and hair bows, delightfully girly!

first set of teeth 9 month old baby photo session in studio


chuckles during photo shoot with Sarah Offley

9 Months Old Baby Photography- Capturing all of the fun and laughter

This is a great age and one of my favorite to photograph. Sitting up, lying down, maybe crawling and even possibly at 9 month old to be standing up with a little help.  Little ones may also enjoy some added clothing for this age. I don’t think babies need a lot of props to enhance photos or clothing for that matter, but as they get older adding them can be fun and their personalities shine so much that your little one for sure be the center of attention in any photograph!

Further information about our 9 month old baby photography sessions

If you would like to chat about having capturing this special time with a 9 month old photography session for your little one, then please do give us a call on 0151 348 1234 or contact us here.

All of our sessions make a great gift for someone you love, you can purchase online at our shop or call us on 0151 348 1234 and we will personalise them and package them up with pretty ribbon and send out free of charge!

Why not capture your little one’s growing stages from 9 months for a year, they are still developing not only in what they can achieve, but also in their personality, you will have 3 sessions over a 12 month period to capture all of this with our Signature Baby & Toddler Plan, view our sessions page for more details.

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