Sarah Offley

Hello There!

My name is Sarah and together with my husband Ian, we are Offley Photography and I come from a long line of professional photographers and I’m so proud to be the third generation of photographer in my family.

Our family business was set up in 1947 by my grandad Roy Offley, my Mum Alison then took over and now I’m the third generation.

Here’s our story….

Our Heritage

My grandad Roy Offley was passionate about photography, his journey started during WW2 where he served in the RAF Mobile Field Photographic section serving around the world until the end of the war. A short time after this Roy established his photography business ‘R. L. Offley – High Class Photography’.

One of the oldest price lists we have of my grandads advertised ‘flashlight photography’ and ‘photographs hand coloured in oils’ with an aim on producing high quality portraiture (still a philosophy we have today)!

liverpool portrait photographer

The love of Photography was passed onto my mum Alison, who after working with grandad for many years eventurally took over the business in the 1980’s.

She became a renowned award winning photographer in Cheshire and Merseyside photographing many hundereds of happy weddings throughout the decades until retirement a few years ago.

27 years ago I started assisting my mum at weddings in the days where everything was film and you only had 24 exposures per roll of film to capture those very important moments!

Over the next few years I honed my talent for photography both with a candid natural style and also with posing and lighting in my signature style.

20 years ago my husband and I set up the portrait business of Offley Photography and working together in partnership our journey began carrying on the Offley Photography mantle.

Offley Photography Today

A lot has changed over the 75 years of photography since my family have been in business, but the important values of fantastic customer service, quality of product and giving a 5 star experience are still our main core values today.

We’ve created a unique photography experience which is a family’s partner in capturing their memories, not just for one shoot, but for years – even decades.

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