family portrait showing connections between family members

Celebrate your family with photography

Why post about celebrate your family with photography?  Well of all of the portraiture we create here at Sarah Offley Photography, family portraits are one of the most important especially when they tell a story of your family as it is here and now, something which cannot be re-created in the future.

Like telling a story, the engaging photographs taken at our sessions show the compelling ties of each family member  and the individual personalities of those participating shine through, as one recent client commented about their images at their viewing appointment “they show their true spirit”.

The family featured in this session were fantastic, originally when mum booked me she wanted black and white images, then just before the session had a change of mind and chose these clothes to wear, which are just brilliant!

 celebrate your family with photography taken by Sarah offley on the WirralA lovely dynamic ‘chatty’ photograph from the session

black and white photograph of sisters cuddle Sarah Offley PhotographyI adore this image, it’s just captured the moment in a really natural way, black & white adds to the timeless quality.

super cute face - photograph of sisters at sarah offley photography sessionThe best expression I’ve photographed in a long time!



Have you always longed for a fabulous family portrait that will have pride of place in your home? At Sarah Offley Photography, we have the experience and expertise to capture the unique spirit and personality of your family with exceptional results.

We can cater to family groups including young children and even pets! The moment you arrive with your family, we will put everybody at ease. Sarah  has a few tricks up her sleeve to make it a fun and completely relaxed and comfortable experience for your family.

We will capture the unique personality of your family perfectly.

When it comes to portrait style, we are flexible. Unlike other photography studios, we don’t use a list of staged poses or restrict you with fixed photography packages. Whether you want a formal family portrait or something a little more contemporary, offbeat and fun, we can accommodate your wishes. Every family portrait we create is a unique project. We want you to have a great time with us and a fantastic portrait to cherish forever.

Before the session takes place we will arrange a phone or email consultation, or you can come to our studio and speak to us.

Our studio is open during regular business hours and we often make appointments for times that are more convenient for you, such as evenings and Saturdays. If you have any special requests we will always do our best to accommodate them.

For more photoshoot tips, including props to consider, and how you can improve your own photography keep an eye on our blog, and for daily advice, laughter and love follow us on google+ and facebook.

NOW Celebrate YOUR family with photography – You can also contact us here to ask questions about or book your session with us.



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