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Celebrating Family Get Togethers

The Importance of Family

Most people would love their family photographed but it just hasn’t happened yet….   Life gets in the way, too busy, hair needs to be done, need to loose more weight, it’s hard to get everyone together… We’ve heard it all, many times and sadly sometimes it just never happens and then it’s too late.

The days when family all lived within a few miles of each other are long gone, we can feel isolated and lonely, especially the older generations so take advantage of this precious time you have together this Christmas and celebrate your family get together with a professional portrait session, it’s a wonderful reminder of your life and love together.

From the youngest to the eldest all members of your family are important, classic family portraits are timeless, created in a contemporary style they reflect your family’s connection and attitude.

family generation photography

Family portraits are a part of our legacy.  In the years to come, grandchildren and great grandchildren will someday ask what did great grandma look like and wouldn’t it be so sad if there were few or non to show them?  

Don’t let your life pass and look back regretting why you didn’t take time when you are all together over the Christmas holidays to have your family portraits taken.

If you’ve been thinking about having a family portrait taken, do it, do it for your children, do it for your loved ones.  They won’t notice a few extra pounds or even smile lines, but  they will be disappointed when they grow up and there are no family portraits to look back on and share with their children.

Get in touch, book your appointment, you’ll be so glad you did, we promise.

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