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My Style

For children’s photography sessions I tend to focus on a journalistic style of photography, when I was training to be a photographer I learnt as an assistant to my mum who is a wedding photographer, in those days it was film and whilst mum took more formal photographs on her Hassleblad I took black and white 35mm film candid photographs of behind the scenes and guests, shots of laughter and interaction between guests and the bride and groom, many years of this honed my skills in timing and precision, anticipation and having an ‘eye’ for details, because it wasn’t possible to take a load of photographs in the hope a few would come out as film and processing were expensive.  In the last 11 years since I have been specialising in studio portraiture, I have carried this invaluable experience through to children’s photography sessions, every session needs exactly these skills I have gained over the years so that each session runs smoothly and my photographs are captured at a consistently professional level.


I limit the number of posed and staged photographs during children’s  photography sessions, I try instead to capture the laughter,  emotions and fun of each individual child.  ‘Perfection’ is not what we’re after, so don’t worry if your little one isn’t co-operating as you think they should, the aim is to have fun, capture ‘real’ moments and above all for the children to just be themselves (and whatever their mood/personality is that day).  A children’s photography session with Sarah Offley Photography is a lot more than just taking images.  It’s about the whole experience,  capturing those micro moments and creating memories that you will cherish forever.

No waiting In Line & No Rushed Sessions = Less Stress!

The studio is a fun and relaxing space for you and your children,  this atmosphere flows into the session itself which is relaxed, casual and fun!  The pace of our children’s photography sessions are dictated by the child, and there is always time for a break, drink or clothing change.  The best part?  No stress for the parents…no ‘production line’ sessions one after another, no waiting in line or rushed sessions, cheesy smiles or making sure your child is posed perfectly.

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One of the most popular times for children’s photography session is between 7 months and when they reach their 2nd birthday. Most children are now learning to crawl or walk and explore the world around them, and this is a great time to capture those first expressions of personality which produces great photographs. They might be pulling up and holding on, crawling, starting to take those first steps and even running about by the age of 2!

What ever stage your child is at will mean you will have beautiful expressive photographs to cherish always and we always have great fun playing with your toddler in the studio so we capture perfectly their natural personality and fun with the clean and stunning style of Sarah Offley Photography.

An album or multi image wall portrait from this session will show the perfect story of your child at this stage and will give you many years of joy.  Add a digital image package and create lovely thank you cards or birthday announcement cards and prints for family and friends for your toddlers 1st birthday.

More questions or want to book your children photography session?  contact us and lets have a chat!

For children’s photography sessions Wirral and surrounding areas you can book the following studio sessions:

Portrait Experience Session with 1 FREE 10X8 FRAMED PORTRAIT £50 click here for more details

Signature Baby & Toddler Year Plan with 3 FREE 10X8 FRAMED PORTRAITS £135 click here for more details

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