Cool Photo Session – Cheshire Funky Portrait Photography

Ok so this is my boy, he is really into his music and I wanted to reflect this in his session, he loves dancing too.  Its hard to photograph your own children, even for me (plenty of OH MUM) when I asked him to chill out and dance around, well they do say 11 is a difficult age.  We had a good laugh at the session with him dancing around and singing listening to the ipod, and I realised more than ever how quickly he has grown and developed into this fantastic boy who has a great personality and a wicked sense of humour.  I am so proud of him and thrilled to have images which are just so him.  Some image enhancement and colour pop on the black and white images sent to my lab and now I am the proud owner of a 10″x10″ portrait session album, great stuff.  A online sample of the album can be seen, the printed one didn’t have the white line down the centre.  WANT ONE?  session albums are available from 5″x5″ (great for the handbag or grandparents) upto 10″x10″ and are included in our Collections, ask us for details.

black and white photography with coloured highlights children portrait photography merseyside

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