At Offley Photography, we believe in the power of self-expression, especially during those formative years. Our Couture Kids photoshoot experience is designed to celebrate your child’s unique personality while boosting their confidence in a joyous, empowering session.

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With Custom photoshoot planning and a relaxed fun atmosphere, the whole experience is as


Shining a Light On Children's Personalities

Seeking a boost in self-esteem and confidence:

Whether your child is shy and looking to break out of their shell or already confident but wanting to celebrate their uniqueness.​

Eager to express their unique personality:

Let your child's personality shine in a fun photoshoot experience where they can express themselves authentically and celebrate their individuality.

Ready to celebrate their journey of self-discovery in a fun and supportive environment:

Join us in capturing moments of joy and resilience as your child explores their identity and embraces their journey with confidence and support.

Couture Kids Photoshoot Portrait Package - £59

What’s Included

  • Design & Styling consultation

  • Full studio photography session

  • Cinematic viewing & ordering session

PLUS receive a bonus 12″ x 8″ portrait print + £100 credit towards wall art and collections with your booking.

Total Value £350

Add On’s

Wall Art & Collections of prints and digitals are available for purchase after your Unique Photo Shoot Experience.

Why Portraits Matter

In a world dominated by digital screens, there’s something truly special about capturing a moment in time through the lens of a camera. Portraits are not just photographs; they’re mirrors that reflect back the beauty, strength, and potential within each individual.

For tweens and teens, seeing themselves in portraits isn’t just about capturing a smile; it’s about capturing a moment of self-discovery and acceptance. It’s about providing them with a tangible reminder of their worth and potential, something they can proudly display in their room as a testament to their own journey.

What Clients


Is your child bursting with creativity and personality? Our photoshoot isn’t just about posing for pictures; it’s about creating an experience where your child can express themselves authentically. From choosing their outfits to striking their favorite poses, we encourage your child to let their personality shine through, resulting in portraits that truly reflect who they are.

Our photoshoot experience provides a safe and supportive space for your child to explore their identity and celebrate their journey. Whether they’re discovering new passions, overcoming challenges, or simply embracing their individuality, our team is here to capture those moments of joy, resilience, and growth, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Get Ready for your fun & empowering photoshoot!

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