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Couture Clusters

Fast becoming one of the most popular products in the range, the unique Edge Print is a revolutionary wall product that exudes style and flair.  This is the most flexible and best way to display your images without compromising on the image size.  A cluster is a series of individual blocks clustered and grouped together to make a gorgeous montage of images.

This product also future proofs your investment meaning that you can update your cluster as your family changes and grows.  Every block has a  textured, durable surface finished with a solid edge so you can hang large pieces without any worry about reflections from windows, this product also has a protective easy clean surface.


cluster 2 - 42x30cluster 3 - 30x30

Cluster 4 - 46x28cluster 1 - 30x18

Standard Overall Cluster Sizes with Multiple Images





Individual Add On From

Once you have your basic cluster why not add on extra block or tell the story of your growing family by adding to your base cluster every year with an updated one!  Here are a few of the most popular sizes, others available, just ask at your viewing!




Edge Finish Options

Give your photography the edge with a choice of finishing options. From traditional to contemporary, each edge option creates an individual look that sits perfectly in any environment.

edge-black edge-light-oak edge-stainless edge-walnut edge-white








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