Do You Exist In Your Family Photos?

Why is it important anyway?

I’m guilty of not existing in family photographs, in fact at our engagement party years ago I was the one who was going around members of our family photographing every one who was celebrating with us, everyone was having a whale of a time (including me) but it was only later when we looked back at them that we realised there was exactly two (dubious) wonky snaps of me taken by someone, it looks like I didn’t even exist at our own engagement party and I was gutted!

It’s so easy not to be photographed, I’ve made excuses from weight not being right, not sure what to wear to not even liking my hair at the time. Meanwhile the days are zooming past, going into weeks and then suddenly its years!

Record this moment for history

Eight years ago my Dad passed away suddenly, he was only 58 years old and it was a terrible shock. At his house he had a box full of photographs of us all together with my Mum, brother, grandparents, and cousins too and it was like a wonderful soothing balm to me. To have a visual reminder of our life together, loves, achievements (and it has to be said, a lot of dodgy clothes and hair styles over the decades) the wonderful memories came flooding back. My families history throughout the years was brought to life!

Make time for family photography

Being a photographer, having a child, a family and experiencing devastating loss I am so much more conscious of capturing important moments in our life, and actually existing in the photographs too! I mean tangible photographs that can withstand the test of time, not social media posts or on your phone where in a blink of an eye they can be lost… I mean physical, touchy feely real life hold in your hand photographs.

Let’s make a commitment to exist in photographs on our own, with our family, with our children, for our children and our children’s children. Over the years your photographs are the one thing in life you will posses which will actually increase in value.

In the meantime, you’ll also get to enjoy them in your home everyday, they’ll make you smile and heart fill with joy every time you look at them. That’s priceless!

If you are considering a family photo shoot but you are unsure what happens and what you are meant to do then this article should help reassure you that it’s not as scary as you may fear!

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