dog photoshoot wirral Sarah Offley

Dog Photoshoot for Archie

We at Sarah Offley we having a dog photoshoot with dogs of all ages from new puppies (who doesn’t) all the way through to lovely seniors.

From bouncy cute puppies and all the madness that comes with them and then there is the  maturity and calmness that comes from older dogs, although I’ve know some very bouncy older dogs too!!

I believe that pet’s choose their parents, that was certainly true when we went to see a litter of puppies and our Alfie definitely chose us!   The loyalty, friendship trust and love they have for their human family is so precious and capturing that love and personality is so important as they are in our lives for such a short amount of time.

Imagine having beautiful professional images of your special doggy friend that capture their personality for you to remember forever

I’d like you to meet Archie the handsome Boxer dog, just look at those wrinkles and gorgeous spots on his ears.

Archies dog photoshoot presented it’s own challenges because he was born deaf.  Archie is brilliant though as he knows doggy sign language!  This though meant that he couldn’t hear my usual doggy attracting (funny) noises and I had to be careful waving my hands and I could have been giving him misleading  doggy sign signals.  He loved his ball though I’m mean really what dog doesn’t?

Archie boxer dog staring at ball during his dog photoshoot

Archie’s dog parents are very emotionally in tune with him and have such a strong bond, he’s a very happy and healthy doggy indeed and he’s certainly captured a piece of my heart!

Sarah Offley Dog Photoshoot
professional boxer dog photography

Archie the boxer dog funny face dog photoshoot


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