Bullmastiff dog edited photograph by Offley Photography Before & After

Dog Photography Frank Before & After – Fine Art Photography Edit

Take a look at the before & after above to see how do we elevate a photograph into a fine art portrait for our clients.

Whilst master photographers in the past would still edit their photographs when they developed them adding colour to black and white photographs with re-touching paints, they were limited compared to what we can do today.  

However,  for me editing of photographs to achieve a fine art finish is quite discreet, enhancing the photograph rather than over taking the image is key.  

Bullmastiff Frank was an absolute dream to photograph, such a gentle giant but at 18 months old he needed a little gentle guidance so we kept his lead and collar on him.

I’m often asked “what if my dog won’t sit still”  at our studio sessions this isn’t a problem at all, 80% of dogs, especially when they are young or the type of breed that is full of energy can be taken with their owners holding the lead.  

It’s natural for even well trained dogs break their stay when I start making noises to grab their attention so our Fine Art Photography Edits include lead or collar removal if necessary.

I spend a lot of time, care and attention editing each image to get the very best photograph of your doggie, enhancing all those little features that you love about them.

It’s these Fine Art Photography edit that elevates your portraits from a good image to an outstanding image, creating a Portrait of your precious pet you will love forever.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can photograph your dog, then please fill in our enquiry form or call us on 0151 348 1234 today.

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