Being an Empty Nester

Last year our son went off to University so I know from first hand what ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ feels like….  and believe me it was hard.

Most families who are gearing up for their children going back to school, college, university, and we are no exception!  As a Mum I knew he was ready to leave home and encouraged him to be independent,  I believed I was ready for him to go, but nothing prepared me for the feeling of missing him like mad, feeling of the passing of an era and the strength of that feeling took me by surprise.

One thing for certain, us Empty Nesters aren’t alone there are many of us out there, and the good news is that although it is the end of one era, it is also the beginning of another.  We are lucky in that we see him regularly (mainly because he is bringing his washing home) and he does know how to look after himself (mainly by eating ‘ping’ meals in Uni) and he’s becoming an independent wonderful young man who I’m so so proud of.

The Silver Lining

So to all of those suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome, take hart remember all the good things, like no more empty bottles of milk/juice drained but put back in the fridge, no more wet towels on the bathroom floor, and that fuggy smell that has been lingering in their bedroom magically disappears when they leave!

Parents nowadays book photography sessions to celebrate and commemorate nearly every occasion from gender reveal, maternity shoots, first birthday/cake smash sessions and everything thereafter.  So before your kids leave home this year there is no better way to mark the occasion than by booking a portrait session with us, and this is exactly what this wonderful family did before their Son flew the nest, fresh from University for Australia.

empty nest syndrome portrait session

Mum and Dad wanted some new photographs to mark this moment in time, the last portrait session they had where when the children where little so it was definitely time for an update and celebrating the family together was the perfect occasion.

family photographer wirral

offley photography wirral

If you are interested in booking a session with us, please feel free to contact us on 0151 348 1234 or contact us here, we’ll be happy to help you, and good luck to all those parents and kids who are entering this new chapter in their lives!