Family Photo What to Wear Guide

Todays post is a family photo what to wear guide.  The singly most asked question by my clients when booking is “what should we wear”!

We have great guides which we give to our clients to help them prepare and handy hints on what to wear, so let’s go through a few of these points for everyone else out there who may be in a panic about what would be best.

Be Comfortable

Firstly, I will say up front, that the main thing is for everyone to be comfortable because wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable in yourself will help you relaxed in the shoot.

Colour Palette

Use colour and contrast to your advantage, there isn’t a right or wrong colour to wear.  We photograph on a white, grey and coloured backdrop.   Lighter coloured clothes work better on the white and darker coloured clothes work better on the grey or coloured backdrop.

Our clients have a consultation and receive a family photo what to wear guide before the session to cover their preferences and we always recommend bringing a variety of clothes and accessories to your session.

grandmother and granddaughters family cuddle photograph

Visual Interest

Have a mix of fabrics and texture, lace, knit jumpers, layers and scarves give a visual interest to outfits and the same goes for statement necklaces or other pieces of jewellery.

Preferably choose outfits that don’t match, but go together like a similar colour palette.

Your Style

If you wish to style your shoot in a certain way, then please feel confident in doing so, these photos are going to be on your wall at the end of the day and should reflect you as a person and a family!  Have a look at our family gallery for inspiration.

And Finally

When investing in the services of a professional photographer and the expense of high quality prints or wall portraits, it is a great idea to give consideration to all the details that go into your photographs as this family photo shoot will be treasures for you and future generations to look upon for many years.

mum and dad with daughters colourful family photography
If you are really stuck with what colours suit you best we would recommend Helen Redhead who is a personal colour and style consultant.

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