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Family Photographer Near Me: 7 Tips on Choosing a Great Photographer

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So you’ve decided you’d love to book a family photography session and Googled ‘Family Photographer Near Me’ for a list of results, but how do you choose the right photographer for you and your family?

So before you book check our 7 steps to finding the perfect family photographer for you.. 

  1. The first thing you need to do is determine if your family portrait is to be just the children or would you like your immediate family, maybe a generational photograph including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
  2. If you have children, then use that as a guide when choosing a photographer.  A photographer who understands children and is flexible in their approach with them is invaluable and will ensure that your session is fun and relaxed for all involved.  
  3. If you have a large family, then maybe you’re better making sure you have a professional photographer who specialises in family photography and they have the studio space to cater for your full family or are happy to photograph you at your location of choice for example our studio in Liverpool has space for over 15 family members with changing facilities for your comfort.
  4. Having a guided photoshoot is also important for family groups, it’s not your job to know what to do so you look your best, that is in the hands of your professional photographer. Booking a photographer who can pose and interact with you to make your images have a relaxed and beautiful look to them whilst making you look and feel beautiful in your own skin is so important.
  5. One of my top 3 questions everyone asks is ‘what should we wear’ and I provide not only a guide on this but also I have been know to join in a bit of online shopping and I’ve also gone through a wardrobe selection over Zoom, it’s an important consideration for the overall ‘look’ of your images and needs to be right. Your session with us will use different lighting and colour styling so that you have a wide variety of images to choose from.
  6. Variety and choice of images, have a look at photographers galleries, are they consistent in family photography, do they offer choice in the style of images for you to reflect your families personality? This is important when searching for a family photographer near you, do you love black and white or colour (our clients receive a mixture of both to choose from).
  7. Products, whilst there are a lot of ‘shoot and burn’ photographers out there, this isn’t always the best for family photographs, you may want to have retouching included for that high end finish, what use are digital images if you don’t ever look at them let alone print them off? How will your photographer help you make the best choice based on your needs? For me it is through an in person viewing session, helping clients make their best choice of images they love and then the right products for their needs that will decorate their home with beautiful stylish products and images they can share with family, that’s the perfect combination.

I know exactly how to photograph mums with their kids so that they’re delighted with how they look in the images I capture, just like I did for Wendy who had been putting off her session with her children, year after year until one of her children were leaving for University the other side of the country and it hit home to her that it was either now or possibly never.  

We had a great time and when she saw her images I saw a tear in her eyes, she told me that it had been hard for her make the first phone call to me but once we chatted and we got on together she just knew that it would be great and she was in good hands.  Wendy and the kids had the best time and they went out for a meal after the shoot “it was quite bonding for us” and now she said we’ll always cherish not only the photographs but also the memory of such a great time together….. 

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Family Photographer Near Me: Offley Photography

A professional photographer is worth their weight in gold, It doesn’t matter if you are getting a professional photographer for those everyday precious moments or for special family celebrations and milestones.

So once you’ve Googled family photographer near me and you’ve gone through our top 7 tips, get in touch with us for more information on our service for you and how we can help you capture this precious moment for you.  Call us on 07957 282 406 or contact us here.

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