How early in advance should we book our session?

Depending on your flexibility to book in, most times of the year we can book you in for a session within a couple of weeks.  Busier times tend to book up a little bit earlier and this is usually October through to December, you may wish to schedule a month in advance for Saturday sessions during those months, evenings also book up really quickly so we would recommend calling as early as possible to book these.

What days are sessions held?

Shoot days are subject to availability, but most often occur on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. Saturdays have the highest demand and must be booked well in advance.

How much does a Session Cost?

Please visit here for further information.

What should we wear?

This question is asked a lot!  Don’t worry, on booking we provide you will all the information you will need to put together your outfits for the session, we will even provide you with a personalised colour scheme for a chosen room absolutely free of charge!

How many changes of clothes can we bring?

For a family session we would recommend that you bring one clothing look.  However within your base clothes it is always nice to add layers such as scarves, cardigans, or chunky jewellery to add different interest on images.  This way when it is time to order it is easier to make decisions for your wall portraits if all of your images have a cohesive look.  For sibling sessions I would recommend one clothing look for both together and individual shots, and then another look for additional individual images (from the same colour pallet)

How long does the portrait session take?

Sessions can last around 1-2 hours depending on the participants.  We will take the session at your families pace and keep them having fun!

How long after our session will we see our photos?

You will be invited back to the studio within 14 days of your session for a viewing and ordering consultation with Sarah, this is where the magic begins!

Is there a minimum spend?  Or do I have to decide in advance what I want to purchase?

There is no minimum spend on products and you don’t need to decide what you specifically want until you come to your viewing and ordering session. I will give you plenty of time to look through the pricing menu before your session so you can start thinking about what you want. During the ordering session I will help you pick out the images you love the most and offer some suggestions as to how you may want to display them.

How many images will we have in our gallery?

It depends really on the type of session you had (family, one child etc), the mood of your child(ren) on the day and how many group combinations you would like.  We don’t under or over shoot our sessions, so if you only wanted the family taken together then this will mean less images in your gallery or indeed you may want different combinations taking then this typically will give you around 30-45 images.  We always provide you with a full and varied gallery to choose from with only the very best image quality.

How do I book a session?

Please contact us on 0151 348 1234 to schedule your session or for further information, or click on the link on the right of this page.