Generation Photography, What Is It?

& Why it’s important

A Generation Photography Session is  the perfect way to capture a stunning reminder of your wonderful family for years to come.

Generation photography is generally a grandparent with grandchildren or grandparent, parent and child(ren) as a 3 generation portrait or even a 4 generation portrait with a beloved great grandparent too!

In a way as a portrait photographer, I’m a bit like a timekeeper, preserving today’s moments for tomorrows generations.  The portraits taken increase in sentimental and personal value for my clients as they get older and memories fade.

grandparent and grandchildren photo

As the family grows I encourage members of each generation to gather together to capture this special moment to treasure.

generation portrait session

A generation photography session is a fun, happy celebration of your wonderful family from baby to great-grandparents.

great grandmother & great grandson photography generation

It so wonderful to include grandparents or even great grand parents in family portrait sessions as often nowadays grandparents have a big part in their grandchildren’s daily lives, looking after them when parents are hard at work.

A Generation Photography Session

Which includes a tailored fun studio session, a cinematic viewing session and a deluxe framed desktop portrait.  There has never been a better time to capture the magic and celebrate those you love

On a reflective note, I’ve witnessed families experience tragic loss in a blink of an eye and they are just so thankful that they have their portraits for posterity.

My tip for you is don’t wait.  Life is too short.  Document your family every 2 years or when a new member is added, I promise you that you’ll never regret it.

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