How to Choose A Family Photographer

family photographer Liverpool

There must be hundreds of family photographers in the Cheshire, Wirral and Merseyside areas. So if you don’t have a personal recommendation how do you go about choosing one? Surely they must all be the same so it doesn’t really matter, does it? Well if you delve a bit deeper you will find that not all photographers are the same. Here are some of the things you should consider:


Top priority on the list is competence. Unfortunately the family photography industry isn’t regulated here in the UK so there are a lot of hobbyists out there who don’t have the training, insurance or knowledge on lighting, posing and editing to produce professional photography. The quality of their image gallery will tell you a lot about a photographer. Look closely at their images and notice all the fine details, is their work consistent? You will notice a difference between a highly skilled photographer and someone who is just starting out when you compare their work like-for-like.


It is vital that you feel relaxed and comfortable with your photographer and trust them. The professionalism of the photographer and how they deal with your initial enquiry should give an indication of the calibre of the photographer you are considering. Do you get on with them? Feel at ease? Even from your initial contact with them whether through their website or by phone, you’ll be able to gauge what it would be like to work with them.


Now we’ve covered the basics of competence and trust you can start thinking about the style of images that you are most drawn to. Choosing a photography style which suits you and your family is really important because these photographs should show your family’s personality properly. Style is very subjective and there are no right and wrongs but you may have a preference for a particular style and does the photographer reflect this?


How do you feel when you see their website? How did they sound on the phone? Did you feel comfortable and get on with them? What does the experience entail? Do they have help guides and resources if you need them? Busy parents rarely have time to create amazing artwork from digital files, let alone know what and how to order from them, so will your photographer do all of this for you so you can focus on what matters in life to you?

So there it is, my bare minimum tips for selecting the right family photographer for you, I hope this helps make your selection easier.

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