Your Local Dog Photographer

And Why I love Being a Dog Photographer.

As a dog photographer I love to get the family pets involved in our family photography sessions, as well as creating beautiful photographs of the pets themselves which I love because they have more freedom to play about and be themselves.

We in the UK are a nation of animal lovers and our pets are very much loved members of our families I know this from personal experience as our Lhasa Apso Bobby definitely is.

With this in mind please let me introduce you to a recent session here with Stevie Nics and Billie Piper!


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Two lovely schnauzer dogs with the best cheeky characters ever and not fazed at all by the session.  Love their little beards and curly fur on their legs… so cute.

Most often we are asked to create dog portraits and cat portraits, but we have photographed a wide variety of pets here in the studio including rabbits and birds.

Because we are a professional studio and I’m an experienced dog photographer I will work with you before and during the session to capture your pets wonderful personality.

During the session I will take my time with your pet, yes some are more timid than others so will need more care and attention.  So don’t be concerned about the studio lights and flashes, your pet will get used to the studio really quickly.

Capture your beloved pets and remember them forever with Sarah Offley Photography you local dog photographer and our Pet Photography Session.  Give me a call on 0151 348 1234 or contact us below to find out more details about sessions.

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