Mother & Me


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy for mums to find themselves behind the camera, capturing every fleeting smile and tender moment of their children. But how often do you find yourself stepping into those frames? Our “Mother & Me” photoshoot is designed to change that.

This Mother & Me Photoshoot is a perfect way
to finally freeze time and create tangible reminders of


With Custom photoshoot planning and a relaxed fun atmosphere, the whole experience is as


Embrace the Moment, Just as You Are

Natural Beauty:

Sarah, your professional photographer is skilled in capturing your natural beauty, highlighting the genuine love and connection between you and your child.

Comfort and Confidence:

We create a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel at ease. Our goal is to make you look and feel your best, focusing on the authentic emotions that make your relationship unique.

Timeless Keepsakes:

These photos are more than just images; they are heirlooms that your child will cherish forever. They are a testament to the love and care you pour into every moment of motherhood.

Mother & Me Photoshoot Portrait Package - £59

What’s Included

  • Design & Styling consultation

  • Full studio photography session

  • Cinematic viewing & ordering session

PLUS receive a bonus Mother & Child portrait print of your choice + £100 credit towards wall art and collections with your booking.

Total Value £3o0

Add On’s

Wall Art & Collections of prints and digitals are available for purchase after your Unique Photo Shoot Experience.

Why You Deserve to Be in the Picture

As mums, you play the most vital role in your child’s life. Your love, your strength, and your presence are the cornerstones of their world. Yet, too often, mums are absent from the visual memories that families treasure for generations. This session is about more than just taking pictures; it’s about celebrating your irreplaceable bond with your child.

Our studio provides a warm, welcoming space where you and your child can create beautiful, lasting memories. We understand the apprehensions that many mums have about being in front of the camera. Whether it’s concerns about appearance, the pressure to be perfect, or simply feeling camera-shy, we are here to put those worries to rest.

What Clients


Addressing Your Concerns

“I’m not photogenic.” Every mum has a radiant beauty when seen through the eyes of their child. Our photographers know how to find and capture that light.

“I need to lose weight.” Motherhood is about love, not perfection. We focus on the warmth and joy of your interactions, which are what truly make a photo beautiful.

“I don’t have the time.” Our sessions are designed to be efficient yet enjoyable, ensuring that you get stunning results without taking too much time out of your busy schedule.


Every hug, every laugh, every shared glance—these are the moments that define your journey as a mother. Our “Mother & Me” photoshoot is an opportunity to step into the spotlight and celebrate these irreplaceable memories with your child.

Get Ready for your fun & bonding photoshoot!

Now is the time to

Capture the love.
Embrace the moment.
Be present in the memories.