Natural baby photography session Cheshire

Natural Baby Photography Session Cheshire

Mum booked this natural baby photography session with me as the first session of three in her Signature Baby & Toddler Plan, her requirements were close up images to concentrate on those adorable eyes, possibly holding his feet as this was his new found skill and showing off his smile….

So the day of the session..

Imagine my delight when mum and dad brought in this perfect, brown-eyed bundle of happiness. So lovely!  He is the apple of Mum and Dads eye. Seven months old is a great time to take natural baby  photos because they are smiling,  laughing playing and exploring… facial expressions are a true reflection of their personality . This adorable baby was so expressive and able to sit up, but not yet crawl away (but almost did at his session for the first time!).   Mum and Dad wanted to capture the natural baby innocence with a natural baby photography session which is so special at this time, without bright props or outfit changes he was photographed entirely naked in a beautiful way (whilst still giving him modesty!)

This natural baby photography session emphasises his gorgeous big eyes and wonderful expressions.  We had a fantastic shoot and so many fabulous images.


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Thinking of booking your own natural baby photography session?

Then this time is like no other, your child is growing fast!

One minute a tiny baby in your arms with soft downy hair, an amazing cheeky grin sitting up grabbing their toes, learning to crawl playing and exploring around them, and then taking those first steps running into your arms, then before you know it they are growing up so quickly getting into lots of mischief!

It’s important to capture what you can for you to enjoy now and for the both of you to enjoy looking back at when they are older.

Children are so full of life and energy, the photographs you will have from a portrait session with Sarah Offley Photography will not only be beautiful works of art, but they will capture the spirit and individuality of your child perfectly.

My sessions are relaxed and informal for every stage of growing up. Please feel free to bring along favourite toys or any other fun props you’d like to use which your child and toddler enjoys using and are personal to them.

The best time of the day for photographing babies and children is usually the morning, as this seems to be when they are the happiest & ready to play. However, every child is different, so you will have to gauge the ideal time for you.

Children & Toddler sessions can be taken as a [highlight1]Portrait Experience Session[/highlight1]

Even better for toddlers up to two years old why not document 12 months of your child’s life with my [highlight1]Signature Baby & Toddler Plan[/highlight1]?  The perfect way to document 12 months of your baby or toddlers life, this plan can be started any time between birth to 2 years.

The Portrait Experience Session and the Signature Baby & Toddler Year Plan can be purchased as a [highlight1]Gift Voucher[/highlight1]
for a very special gift from you.

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