We know that photography can be a sizeable investment.  We believe that no one should have to sacrifice the quality of their photographs due to restrictions in budget.  therefore, we are proud to offer you an instalment payment plan to allow you some financial flexibility.

Payment plans are offered at your portrait viewing session on orders placed for £395 or above.  No interest is charged.  The maximum term is 6 months, however this can be shorter.  You will receive your goods at the end of the term plan, once all payments have been made.

Payment Plan Contract Terms

Please read this contract in full.  When finished please sign your agreement by completing the details below.

This legally binding contract is made between Sarah Offley Photography and the client named in this form, wherein the  client agrees to payment to Sarah Offley Photography in accordance with the terms below.

  1. The payment plan is offered at your portrait viewing session on orders placed for £395 or more (subject to terms and conditions).
  2. Payments can be made via credit or debit card.  Your chosen card details will be retained by us and payment will be taken on the agreed date automatically.
  3. No Interest is charged for this payment plan.
  4. An initial payment of 20% of the order value is payable upon ordering, the balance is then split into the relevant payment terms below.
  5. Payment terms are: 2 months ,  3 months , 4 months, 5 months & 6 months
  6. The Maximum term is 6 months, however this can be shorter.  The full payment for your order must be paid by the end of the term of plan.  Failure to do so will result in prices increasing and the risk of the loss of money paid to us up to that point.
  7. The client will receive their order at the end of the term of the plan (allow an extra 4-8 weeks for production and manufacture).
  8. The client is not entitled to any refund for payments made if they decide to cancel their order.
  9. If payments are declined by your bank/card or for whatever reason a payment is missed, the client shall be given notice to pay the payment within 7 working days, if payment is not received within 7 days a charge of £20 per failure to pay will be added for administration.
  10. Prices are only guaranteed for the plan term.
  11. There are no exceptions or allowances made with regards to the terms of this agreement.  All decisions made regarding this contract are final.