Product Highlight – Box Frame

The Box frame is a striking yet subtle alternative to traditional portrait framing.

box frame sample image

Available as either a single image or in our Designer Collection Multi Image.  A multi image box frame has careful design qualities so it becomes a true piece of art for your wall.

The Box Frame is heat sealed so reflections are eliminated and to protect your image it has options for moulding colours and a range of layouts to suit any home.

multi image box frame

Here at Sarah Offley Photography we are totally upfront about our prices, no hidden nasty add on charges!

Contact us today to talk about your photography session.

Deciding on which products look best on your wall in your home can be difficult, but our viewings are different, this is where the magic begins!

We have a large range of our products on our walls so you can see and feel the quality of the wall portraits, albums and folios.  A large selection of frame mouldings is also on offer for you to choose from.

At the studio viewing I will show you your images where you will make the selection you want and we can talk about design and product options and styles that would be most appropriate for you.

If you would like a wall portrait and you aren’t sure what style or size to choose, don’t worry, our projection software allows me to show you the ‘true to size’ image and wall portraits on the screen.  Even better than that, if you send me a photo of your wall space, I can show you how that wall product will look on your wall!  Ensuring that your images and style will fit perfectly in your wall space and you will feel really confident about your order decisions.

All of our products are 100% guaranteed, and are manufactured in the top professional laboratory here in the UK who only serve professional photographers, so you can be totally confident in your investment with us.

Interested in booking us?  then call us now on 0151 348 1234 and let’s chat!


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