Professional Counsellor Headshots to boost your profile

Counsellor headshots & Branding.  Having a great quality professional portrait of yourself is really important for attracting quality clients.  When you can communicate that you are professional but approachable you will attract clients who value you and your work and will be interested in working with you.

Your practice website should include a headshot of you – make sure that your headshot is helping and not hurting your business.

Deborah contacted me recently to arrange headshots for her business simply counselling matters and we had a chat about her business and how she wanted to be portrayed through her headshot images, it’s really important to me for every headshot session that the images aren’t ‘cookie cutter’ style as every business has a different style and need.

therapist headshot

Here are some things to consider when arranging your counsellor headshots, about how you are portraying yourself on your website, social media and marketing leaflets and some questions your photographer should be asking to provide a personal service tailored to you and your business needs:

Do you look approachable in your photograph?

Its really important that your visitors to your website and social media feel that they can talk to you when they look at your photograph, you need to communicate that you are professional and approachable and probably most important of all for counselling and therapy, that you are genuine and authentic.

What are your branding colours for your website?

I can work with you to give you suggestions on clothes to wear and background colour options or location shoots to compliment your branding for a cohesive look.

On your counsellor headshots what do you want to portray about yourself & your business through your photograph? 

For example professional is obvious but do you also want to look relaxed and approachable or organised and authoritative?

Who is your target market or potential client?

For example is it the general public or business to business or even both, you can have two different styles of images to reach different areas of your clientele.

Deborah has an amazing friendly and approachable personality, even though I’d only met her at her portrait session I felt like I’d known her before and we’d been friends for years!

counselling headshot portraits wirral

I can’t imagine anyone seeing this photo and feeling as though they couldn’t reach out to her.  Deborah has used this image for her about me page.

This is a great example, not only is Deborah herself friendly and approachable but the simple styling and light colours is communicating calm, welcoming and trustworthiness.

counsellor headshot portraits cheshire

This image is great for Deborah’s marketing leaflets, business cards and facebook header because the white space is the ideal space for adding text.  Here’s Deborah’s feedback to me after she received her images.

Hi Sarah

Thank you once again I am absolutely thrilled to bits with the photos.  Everyone who has seen them thinks they are beautiful and capture me and my personality perfectly.  You are a star!!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Deborah and I wish her all the very best with her simply counselling matters business

Do you have a professional portrait photograph of yourself that you are proud of and showcases you in the right way or do you need to schedule a shoot?  What do you need help with when it comes to having your portraits done?  We would love to hear from you via our contact page






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