Sibling Photography

I want to share with you today this lovely family, the gorgeous baby girl was just adored by everyone and the boys were so loving towards her.  For her Portrait Experience Session mum wanted all three siblings photographed together and also separately which was not problem at all.  I love the photographs of the siblings together I think they show such a strong bond between them.

Mum was a little bit shy about having her photograph taken on her own with her little girl but I explained how the focus of the image would really be on her daughter and that I wanted to portray the closeness that  a mum has with her new baby so I was thrilled when she agreed because the photograph with the two of them together is one of my favourites this year.  The photograph worked out exactly how I wanted it to and I’m sure you agree she looks stunning!

baby wrapped in pink blanket beautiful baby close up black & white brother and sister

brotherly love photography cute baby in knitted hat natural sibling photography siblings looking at baby sister photograph stunning mother and baby photographPortrait Experience sessions are flexible, you can have one or 10 members of your family photographed.  Sibling photography is one of the most popular but there is no need to just have them taken together, why not have them photographed separately too.  This way you have a brilliant range of images to choose from and a fabulous wall portrait full of interest and which tells a story of your family.

Mum chose a some of these images for a wall portrait she can look at and admire every day, which we designed to fit into her wall space which was narrow but high and all of them were ordered as digital images as an extra so she can print off copies for friends and relatives.

If you are thinking of having your own session photographed by me at the studio whether it be family, individual or sibling photography and want to have a chat about your own requirements, then simply give me a call on 0151 348 1234!


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