Sleepy Newborn Baby Photography

Perfect little fingers, toes mouth big blue eyes and Amazing hair and just look at those gorgeous eyelashes on this newborn baby!  This session is all about the sweetness and simplicity of  newborn session images.  Classics which will stand the test of time, through her toddling age, teenage and old age, memories of newborn softness which will last forever.  Taken at our studio on a plain white background to avoid any distractions and to concentrate the focus on her (after all it is all about her).

I just love her lying in Daddy’s arms, you can really get an idea of how small she is next to his hands.

And best of all for me, she is a Tots to Toddlers sessions baby, so I am very much looking forward to watching her grow up.  Here are some of Mum and Dad’s favorite images from the session.

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