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Timeless Classic Black & White Maternity Photography

Here at the studio I photograph a lot of pregnancy sessions, one of the most popular requests is for timeless classic black & white maternity photography.  I agree that whilst it is lovely to have colour pop for children and families, black & white maternity photography is one of my favourite styles to photograph.  There is a softness to the image which is just adorable.  In this post today I have put together some examples of what could be worn to these session, some mummies to be are happy to be photographed in the ‘Demi Moore’ style but if you’re not comfortable with that then that is no problem at all.

These points are especially important if you have booked a Signature Maternity & Newborn Plan session with us and would like the baby photographs to be naked and curled up and sleepy as both sessions (maternity and baby) look fabulous together in a multi image wall portrait to tell the story of your family.

Flowing dresses, oversized shirts, jeans, vest tops, bangles and chunky necklaces are great.

There is nothing wrong with white tops and jeans if you are looking for black & white maternity photography images only, for this though I would advise you wear outfits with texture in them as this does add interest to the image.

examples of clothing for your black & white maternity session with me (soft and subtle is the key here).

what to wear maternity white lace - new lookwhat to wear maternity lace new look


clothing available from new look

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NAILS- Ladies, please remember to paint your finger and toe nails (especially if choosing go go barefoot).

JEWELLERY – Remember that co-coordinating jewellery, scarves and hair accessories can look fantastic and can add a lot of style to your images.

MAKEUP – Makeup just slightly stronger that you would wear for normal daytime.  Don’t wear makeup with sparkles (including high gloss lipstick) the sparkles catch the light of the flash and you will have silver sparkles all over!  Bring your make up bag for touch ups.

HAIR – Please don’t try any radical hair styles or colours just before your session, style your hair so it ‘looks like you’ don’t do any style you haven’t tried before!
FAKE TANS – These need to be done professionally as they need to be blended in properly, badly done fake tans show up really badly under the studio lighting.
CLOTHING – For ladies long- or 3/4-sleeve tops are very flattering.  If you iron, iron the night before and then hang the clothes for your shoot. If you’re wearing something that wrinkles easily, don’t wear it in the car on the way to the shoot – just change at the studio, creased clothing (especially collars) will show on your images.
With careful planning your black & white maternity session images will provide you with a timeless classic look you with love forever.
I hope you have found the information in this blog post interesting, if you would like any further information on sessions here at Sarah Offley Photography, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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