Top 5 Ideas for your Cake Smash

Prepare for your session with our top 5 ideas for your cake smash.

Cake smashes are growing in popularity and they are a lot of fun for everyone involved!  Getting ready for your session needn’t be too stressful or time consuming if you follow our top 5 ideas for your cake smash session with us.

No 1: Your Colour Scheme

Choose your colour scheme, the classic options are pink for girls and blue for boys.  This can be pastel shades or bold and why not use pink and gold or blue and silver or different tones of pink or blue for example to add depth to the colours you are using.   However a bright rainbow of colours works really well too!

No 2: The Cake

Remember that you will want the focus of the session to be the baby and the cake, so with your colour scheme in mind choose a cake which compliments the colour scheme.  Giant cupcakes are really popular, we have a list of recommended bakers which can produce a stunning cake to your specification.  Vanilla sponge cake looks best in photographs, avoid white, chocolate or red icing (it can look like blood).

No 3: The Birthday Outfit

When we photograph a cake smash session we always have a mini portrait session first (before it gets messy!)  So for this part of the session why not bring a birthday outfit (tops and bottoms) and use a different hat or headband.

No 4: The Cake Smash Outfit

Since becoming more popular it is easy to get a brilliant outfit for this part of the session without ordering from America, there are great producers of smash the cake outfits here in the UK and we have a list of suppliers to provide you when you book in.  Have a look at the image below for some of our outfit ideas.

No 5: Props

Props add so much interest, interactive play and fun to these sessions.  Paper pom poms work really well as does bunting.  3D words ‘one’ or ‘two’ in your chosen colour scheme look great and also give your little one something to play with during the session before we get to the cake smash itself.  Clients have also brought crates and boxes for them to stand next to which is especially good if they aren’t walking on their own yet.

top 5 ideas for your cake smash session infographic what to wear cake smash girls

There they are! Our top 5 ideas for your cake smash, we have had a lot of fun putting together this quick guide for you and hope you can use this information in our top 5 ideas for your cake smash to make your session a great success!  Obviously these are only ideas and when you book a session with us you can be confident that we will help you through every step of the way from start to finish.

Many of our clients enjoy the process of preparing for their session because it means that they can add many personal touches to their colour scheme and props.  For your information more ideas can be seen on our Pinterest boards and on our session page.

Booking this session with is here at the studio is easy by getting in touch here or calling us on 0151 348 1234 we can send you further information on the session itself and also our products and prices.  Our session fee includes a complimentary framed 8″x6″ beautiful portrait of your choice.

If you have a local business for cakes or outfits and would like to add your business to our list of supplies, then please also contact us.

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