Top 5 Tips for Toddler Photography Session

Morning everyone!  Today’s post is my Top 5 Tips for Toddler Photography Session preparation.

I never have too many preconceived ideas about how a session is going to go with a toddler, a lot of my sessions with toddlers are instinctive to me as they can have different personalities: quiet/shy, imaginative/inquisitive, crazy/stubborn or a combination of any of these so here are my top 5 tips for toddler photography session preparation for Mummies and Daddies:

Tip 1:

Have fun, your child as you know have a personality all of their own, just because you expect them to behave a certain way doesn’t always mean that they will, so go with the flow, tell them their coming for a play, that way they won’t be as anxious at the session and will be more natural, natural is good!

top 5 tips for toddler photography session Sarah Offley Ellesmere Port

Tip 2:

Make sure they are well fed and rested BEFORE your session.  Book your session after they eat and had a nap, once the session starts I take photographs and engage with your child constantly to keep the energy and engagement up, if they are hungry they will tire easily and stopping for snacks always puts them off the flow of the session so the results aren’t as good.

Toddler Photography Ellesmere Port Sarah Offley

Tip 3:

Be comfy, Kids often don’t like to be changed into different outfits too often so plan your outfits carefully, will they be comfy, can they move about easily (mainly little girls in skirts) without us worrying about whats on show?Sarah Offley Photography Ellesmere Port

Tip 4:

Familiarity, they are coming to a strange place I appreciate that, so why not bring some of their favourite toys, teddy’s and books for them to have their own lovely familiar things with them, they will settle in much quicker.

cool 2 year old black and white photography Ellesmere Port Sarah Offley

Tip 5:

Leave the cheese at home, cheese is for crackers, I’ve been know to tell jokes, say random things and even sing (badly) I promise if your singing voice is as bad as mine I won’t tell anyone 🙂

 Fun children photographer Ellesmere Port Sarah Offley Studio

So let them play, have fun and simply be themselves.  Let’s get on their level, capture what makes them happy because it never hurts a photo to be genuine!


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