What to Wear Pet Photography Ideas Guide

Colourful Style – What To Wear Pet Photography

I hope you enjoyed Mondays post with Billie Piper and Stevie Nics!    Today I’d like to share with you or what to wear pet photography ideas guide on what to wear for a photography session for your cat or dog in this example.   This infographic is centred around your pet as sometimes this is an area overlooked and it can frankly be bewildering for clients on what to bring if anything at all.

Obviously the whole focus is going to be on your pet, so when you are thinking what to wear pet photography session think of accessories that compliment them and don’t over shadow  them in anyway.  A colourful style is a nice option to choose as the ‘pop’ of colour will look great with our style of photography.

what to wear pet photography

In this example we have used some fun bright collars for cats and dogs, match this with toys which compliments them, dogs love chasing balls or chewing toys, cats love chasing string and feathers.

I have lots of other  ‘what to wear’ guides on pinterest, click here to see them >>  

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