Baby Session FAQs

For todays blog post we’ve decided to answer your Baby Session FAQs, that is the top questions we get asked about baby sessions…

What age does a newborn session become a baby session?
A baby session is photographed at 3 months and older.  A perfect time for a baby session.  Babies can smile and laugh, and can usually hold their heads up more steadily.  They are starting to roll and become more engaging and animated.

How long is the session?
Typically 60 mins depending totally on your baby and their needs.

How many photographs do you take?
We don’t restrict how many photographs we take at the session so you will be guaranteed a great variety of different images to choose from.

How does your pricing work?
We don’t like complicated pricing check out our information page about the session.  After this we have wonderful choice of award winning products, you only purchase what you love after your session when you see them about a week later.

What if my baby is fussy during the session?
We are 100% led by your baby.  This means that we work around them.  Not all babies like to lie on their tummy, back or side.  Some babies prefer to be naked than dressed.  No matter what, we promise you adorable images of your beautiful baby and family.

Can I have some family pictures included in the session?
Yes of course, that’s no problem at all, we always make time for sweet parent and sibling photographs.
We hope this answered your baby session FAQs!

Contact us now on 0151 348 1234 for more information and to check availability.

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