Your Digital Photos are not Safe Forever: Tips to Store Them Properly

Digital photos are a great way to capture memories, but they can be vulnerable to loss or damage. While you can store your digital photos in many ways, including on your computer hard drive, a flash drive, or in the cloud, none of these methods are foolproof. Drives can become damaged or compromised in different ways, such as hard drives failing, flash drives breaking, or the cloud being hacked.

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To keep your photos safe, it’s best to store them in at least three different places. This way, if one storage option fails, you’ll still have backups. It’s also a good idea to use different types of storage, such as a physical hard drive, a cloud storage service, and an offsite backup. It’s important to keep in mind that technology changes quickly, and digital storage options can become outdated. For example, VHS tapes were once the norm for home movies, but now it’s hard to find a VHS player. Similarly, floppy disks and CDs are outdated storage options. It’s essential to keep up with changes in technology and regularly transfer your digital photos to the latest storage system.

While cloud storage may seem like a good option because it’s offsite and easily accessible, it’s not foolproof. A hacker could gain access to your account and delete all your photos, or you could lose access to your photos if you can’t pay for your account. That’s why physical prints and albums have their advantages, they don’t rely on technology as they can become family keepsakes that can be passed down from generation to generation. They also provide a tangible reminder of your most cherished memories that you can hold onto and display.

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