Smiles and a pout for baby J | black and white photography

Super Cute in Black and White Photography

I adore the fresh and simple styling of this session of baby J taken recently, it makes you focus on all of his adorable features without any distractions, this to me is timeless quality.

beautiful newborn black and white photographThis is all enhanced with the black and white finish of the photographs.

baby pout so cuteSo with a pout…

baby yawning photographA yawn…

smiling baby black and white photographyand a smile…

newborn snuggle photograph black & whiteBaby J was off to sleep soundly.

unusual newborn pose for photography

Shooting a session with for black and white photography can be slightly different to a colour session especially when thinking about what to wear.

If black and white photography is your passion and you would love to have a black and white photography session with us we recommend wearing simple clothing (without any patterns or stripes) and all in the same colour, for example whites or blacks etc.

The key to  contemporary clean looking photography is the least distraction the better, let us focus on all of the little details and expressions for you so you have images that will look timeless.

If you would like to get in touch to have a chat about a black and white photography session with us here at the studio, then please do, we would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about a session with us.

Not sure if you would want black and white photography but would like a session with us?  No problem, all of our sessions are taken using only the best digital cameras and equipment, you will be able to see your images at your photographs at your viewing consultation in colour, black and white and also sepia (a slightly warmer tone of black and white) so you can pick all colour, all black and white or even a mixture of both.

You can contact us online here or call 0151 348 1234.

Sessions can also be purchased online at our new online store, you will then have 6 months to arrange your session, this is ideal for gifting to a friend or relative too!

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