Kids and Family Photography Wirral – A How To Prepare Guide

Preparing Kids for Family Portraits

Often people feel quite nervous about going into a proper studio for their portrait session, so in order for the images to look great it is best if you all feel relaxed. The key to getting great shots is being preparing kids for family portraits before your session, so here are our tips for making sure you are:

Talk in a positive way about getting photographs taken:

Tell them that they are coming for a play, emphasise this rather than the fact they are having their photographs taken.  We have plenty of toys and bubbles etc for them to play with and bring along some of their favourite toys/teddies too (I’ve even been know to sing ‘wheels on the bus’ etc) whatever your kids enjoy!  Once we start photographing the kids will hardly notice as they will be having so much fun.

Let them choose:

Let the kids choose an item of clothing or accessory, dressing up outfits that they would like included before you come for your session.  Let them choose teddy’s and toys, even if we don’t use them, your child will feel more in control and happy to come to the session if they have been part of the decision process.

Do not practice smiling:

Please don’t worry about them smiling, and they certainly don’t need to practice.  Kid’s can’t smile properly on command and when you do the “say cheese” it tends to make them pull fake expressions.  Trust in me to bring out the best in your child on the day!

Stay relaxed:

One of the most common things I hear from parents is “I’m sorry, I bet other kids aren’t normally this crazy”.  DON’T WORRY!!  I am a professional family photographer with over 15 years experience, I work with this every day, all children have their own personalities, from the shy to the stubborn and extrovert and everything in-between, I’ve seen it all and love working with all of them.  If your child doesn’t want to co-operate, then just divert your attention to the children who are, encourage them but don’t mention the un co-operative child, it’s amazing how quickly they realise they are being left out of the fun and want to join in again.

Make it fun:

Bring out the teddies, toys, lets sing and dance, jump around tickle and cuddle and let them be free to roam on the backdrop, our sessions are fun so your kids and you enjoy the session.

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