Children Photography Session – 2 styles

One of the questions I am asked when people are deciding on booking their children photography session with me is: can I have a change of outfits?….  Yes you can!

I always recommend that you stick with the colour scheme/style you have decided upon, this makes it a lot easier when designing wall portraits because the images will still work well together, I mean it would just be typical for you to to love one image in a totally different outfit which wouldn’t necessarily work within your chosen multi image wall portrait.

Lots of different ‘looks’ can be achieved with accessories too, think about scarves (summer ones at this time of year!) hats, beads, bangles cardigans/jumpers sunglasses, for children photography sessions in particular what about teddies and toys….the sky is the limit!

When you book your children photography session in with me I’ll give you plenty of hints and tips on what to wear and what to bring to your session, if you are still having trouble, then why not email me a picture of the wall space your would like your wall portrait on and I can even produce you a personalised colour chart for you to work one, it’s a free service to our clients!!

These girls were having a great time in the studio, they had images together and on their own, and of course they had a change of clothes too, so they started in cupcake dresses (these are so sweet with a great colour pop)  and then changed into jeans and plain white tops for a more classic look.   Mum and Dad ordered two wall portraits one a box frame multi image in dark wood and one a chunky Oak frame with double mounts.  The box frame had the cupcake dresses in it and the Oak frame had the jeans outfits, two different outfits, two different wall portraits and both of them looked amazing.

box frame wall portrait idea sarah offley photography children having fun at photo session children photograph cheshire children photograph pose children photography wirral children playing with suitcases photo having a twirl photograph little girl in cupcake dress photograph natural children photographer liverpool sister photograph cuddles sister photography merseyside two sisters pose at photo session

It was funny when Mum and Dad collected them because they brought the children with them, and when they were told that they were coming to the studio the youngest said “I’m going first”, isn’t that lovely to know that they had a great time and she wanted to have her photographs taken all over again.

If you are interested in booking your own children photography session with Sarah Offley Photography, then please call us on 0151 348 1234 or click the contact us link at the top of the page, we look forward to hearing from you!

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